Vietnam Subgovernance: development and achievements

Vietnam Subgovernance: development and achievements

How did this all begin?

On March 1, 2021, a proposal to form the Vietnam Subgovernance was made and later accepted by vote. The team outlined the popularization of Free TON among the cryptocurrency and blockchain community as the goal of the Subgovernance.

By the way, Vietnam, whose population is confidently approaching 100 million people, entered the top 10 countries for the implementation of cryptocurrency according to the 2020 Global Crypto Adoption Index (data was collected by the analytical company Chainalysis). An impressive part of the country's population is not just interested, but also owns many cryptocurrencies, which allows us to believe in the prospects and promotion of the Free TON project.

What has been achieved?

According to the report on the results of the first stage of the Free TON Subgovernance work in Vietnam, the team is confidently moving towards its goal.

At the moment, 2 contests have been held, namely:

As a result of the contests, 10 jury members and 3 community managers of the Subgovernance were selected.

According to the main proposal, a site with a news section was created. At the moment, 44 news articles with a total of 1718 views have been posted.

The team actively maintains accounts on social networks:

The Subgovernance translated and published a series of basic articles telling what Free TON is, and also developed a text presentation for offline educational events and Free TON seminars.

Also a web service was created for more convenient interaction with smart contracts, including a multisig wallet.


It is worth adding that the Subgovernance pays attention to communication with users. The team held a two-hour offline meeting to answer questions and talk about their plans for the future. Thanks to this, it was possible to attract more participants to Free TON.

Moreover, on June 18, an AMA-session between Free TON and Mimax Crypto Group, a cryptotraider community, was held. A feature of the AMA-session was the distribution of tokens in the amount of $20 TON Crystals for interesting and fun questions.

Plans for the future

The initial member of the Vietnam Subgovernance, Tien Doan, hopes that in the future the community will continue to keep pace with the development and huge potential of the Free TON platform, contributing to the achievement of the common goal of the community. In the near future, the platform plans to organize many contests and competitions. Prizes of further AMA-sessions will be increased to attract even more interest from the user community on social media platforms and forums.

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