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Update for the contest system proposal

Update for the contest system proposal

On September 13, a proposal was made at the forum to update the competition system due to possible theft of the work of one of the participants.

The essence of the proposal

The UNIQ user spoke on the topic that contestants should not be able to see each other's work before completing the acceptance of applications. The fact is that UNIQ, taking part in the Free TON infographic competition, faced the problem of plagiarism: the user believes that his work was used as the basis for other projects, but the victory in the work of UNIQ was not awarded, while 500 TON Crystal was awarded for "splagged" work.

According to UNIQ, the problem of plagiarism will be solved if the work is temporarily available only to members of the jury. Moreover, if the jury members do not see the comments and assessments of their colleagues, the work will be evaluated objectively.

Community Response

Some users accepted the offer positively, wondering why such a proposal had not been made earlier. However, there is another opinion: there is nothing wrong with taking someone else's work as the basis of projects.

Your opinion

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