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The rapid growth of the Free TON ecosystem: results of the infographic contest in detail

The rapid growth of the Free TON ecosystem: results of the infographic contest in detail

The Free TON ecosystem grows every day. Thanks to the many contests held, the community has new applications and useful tools. Interesting teams appear with fresh ideas that allow them to contribute to the development of the blockchain. Based on this, Analytics & Support Subgovernance held a contest, the main goal of which was to clearly present the Free TON structure.

So, the main task is to implement a unique and understandable ecosystem design. Let's see how the contestants handled this.

5th place - 500 TON


The team submitted 2 similar contest applications, one of which received more judicial approval, earning an average score of 5.78. The judges noted the simplicity and conciseness of the design, however, in their opinion, the work did not cover the Free TON ecosystem completely and lost readability, as the team used only icons.

4th place - 500 TON


If we talk about the next work, then the jury members spoke almost unanimously: the design is simple and understandable. However, significant comments were made on the quality of filling - the list did not contain many projects important for the ecosystem. As a result, the work got 6.21 points. 

3rd place - 1500 TON


As pros of the presented design, the jury noted informativity and structurality. As a downside - an abundance of extra free space, a small font and the impossibility of using work for printing. However, the average score is quite high - 7.21.

2nd place - 2500 TON


The participant presented several infographics options of the Free TON ecosystem: Classic style, Glass morphism, True Crypto. The judges noted the high level of design, the abundance of color solutions, and the opportunity to supplement the work with new resources and partners in the future. Comments were also related to the lack of illustration of ecosystem progress and the relevance of some logos. According to the result, the work got 8.42 points, but it wasn’t enough for the victory.

1st place - 4500 TON


The team of developers undertook a difficult and voluminous work of compiling infographics, trying to reflect the progress of Free TON. All important components are combined in the DNA of the Free TON project. Here is how the creators comment on their application:

"The Free TON community is a complex and living mechanism. Its essence is similar to a DNA molecule, where each participant occupies his own niche, sets out a program for the development and functioning of the entire community. You might notice that inside the DNA we divided the companies by year and month of joining Free TON".


The main feature of the winning work was the unique design and its memorable elements. For example, the faces of a crystal contain the names of all Subgovernances of the Free TON community. The judges noted an unusual idea, the most complete list of partners and projects. However, members of the jury filed claims to the small font and the complexity of using the work. However, in aggregate, all this allowed the work to win with a high average score of 8.92.

The Free TON ecosystem is growing rapidly and in the future, perhaps we will face new similar contests and ideas. And what do you think about the past contest and the work of the participants? Leave your comments and do not forget to subscribe to our channel.

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