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Validation Features. How It Works In Different Blockchains
Clear and timely information, real decentralization, and responsible communication — validators believe that Free TON has a lot to learn from other projects. But there is also something to teach others. Validators in the blockchain industry are ...
Validators in Free TON
Validators play an important role in the Free TON ecosystem, since they allow a decentralized network to function. In this article, we will analyze the features of validators in the Free TON blockchain.
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Free TON Validator Stake Slashing: Cuts Without a Knife
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Rust Cup — Free TON Validators Are Waiting For The Start!
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Magister Ludi — Results Of The First Large-scale Free TON Validator Contest
Slashing is a financial penalty applied to validators for violating the validation process. The penalty is to withhold the percentage of the stake made by the validator. Additionally, a ban on entering the network for a certain time can be applie...
Byzantine Fault Tolerance: Free TON Consensus Method
The Free TON blockchain block generation procedure is based on the consensus of the Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) family of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. For any blockchain, the implemented principle of reaching consensus is important. Fir...
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Interview with Free TON Validator Dmitry Gachko
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Validator Giver gained approval for a loan from referrals
Ethereum 2.0 has been launched. What do the experts predict?
An ambitious project called The World Computer of the Future is officially launched. On December 1, the second version of Ethereum was released. Of course, as mentioned earlier, only its phase zero. Despite the fact that the full launch of all ph...
What happened after Telegram abandoned TON?
Read the interview with Mitya Goroshevsky published on the cryptomedia portal Earlier this year, Telegram announced that it was abandoning the Telegram Open Network — reeling from the effects of a drawn-out legal battle with th...
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Free TON Weekly Meetup #31. General contest updates
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Interview with Ron Milow — Chief Business Officer of TON Labs
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Who’s who in FreeTON and how to make money on it
Free TON Weekly Meetup #30. New validator token distribution update
On November 24, 2020, the 30th Free TON Weekly Meetup was held, where the following issues were discussed. Magister Ludi contest retrospection and new partnerships. Ron Millow starts with good news. Announces that the second batch of Magister Lud...
30 New Validators of Free TON
During the live broadcast, the results of The Crystal Game contest, which took place on the platform from June 17, 2020, were summed up. According to the voting results, a group of community members (validators) was selected who will ensure the o...
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Free TON: 30+ validators added to the mainnet
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DePool and validators: how it is related
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Free TON Launch Retrospective
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