Crystal Fever — a decentralized lottery based on the blockchain
Crystal Fever is a decentralized lottery created in the Free TON ecosystem. Lotteries can cause certain doubts — are they transparent and honest enough? Crystal Fever shows complete transparency on all steps.
August TON Surf updates overview
The developers of TON Surf (TON Labs) introduced several updates that expand the functionality of mobile and web applications last month.
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Third Monthly AMA Session Of TON Surf. Part 1 — Surf Updates
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TON Surf Staking: The Reliability Of An All-In-One System
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TON Surf: Monthly AMA Session Dated 28.07.2021
Ton Surf Answers Questions: First Monthly AMA Session
TON Surf is the most popular wallet among TON Crystals holders (over 30,000 active users — editor’s note) and, of course, the most discussed in the Free TON community. With this session, the development team starts communicating with users in a Q...
How to save seed phrase in TON Surf
Seed phrase is 12 or 24 English words with which you can access the wallet. It is extremely dangerous not to save a seed phrase: if something happens to the device, access to the funds will be lost forever.
TON Surf as a non-custodial wallet
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TON Surf
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One Button For Everything! A new Feature In TON Surf
Free TON Staking. TON Surf Features
Surf developers have announced the release of version 5.0.0 with an infinity staking feature. We will tell you more about what staking is, its features in Free TON, and the corresponding functionality of TON Surf. Free TON staking: general rules ...
How to install TON Surf
TON Surf is a universal cryptocurrency wallet, blockchain-browser and safe chat, created by the TON Labs company. Despite the fact that TON Surf is not the only wallet for TON Crystal holders, this wallet still remains popular among users. To install the app on Android, you need to click on the link 🔗 To install the app on iPhone, you need to click on the link 🔗 You can also use the TON Surf version in the browser at: 🔗 Next steps to work with the app...
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TON Labs Security Card — an alternative to a hardware wallet
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Security In TON Surf: Territory Without Big Brother
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Easy As Pie! TON Surf Launches A New Service — Easy Staking
TON Surf in dark — let us present it to you!
TON Surf developers are adding a new personalization feature, expanding the capabilities of the blockchain communicator. People can always be characterized and divided into groups according to any criteria: morning person and night person;coffee ...
TON Surf — Now With a Subscription!
TON Surf announces the launch of a new “subscription» feature. It is already running in beta. The mechanism will allow you to freely monitor any smart contracts. The developers have stated before that TON Surf is more than a wallet. It is the int...
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Buy or Sell TON: All Free TON Wallets
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TON Surf Wallet: How To Install And What It Can Do
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ExtraTON — Extreme Convenience!
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