TON Wallet: Wallet review
As a result of the Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension contest, TON Crystal owners now have another option for storing funds — TON Wallet from the team. Free TON HOUSE talks about the features of the wallet and how to work with it. I...
Free TON CryptoPunks are minted. Attention, “punks” in the city!
All 10,000 Free TON CryptoPunks are «wandering» around the world and bringing NFT-culture to the masses. It’s only been 2 weeks since we told you about — SVOI.Dev team’s project — and now the whole «gang» is here! Punk minting on Fr...
NFT as 21st Century Collectibles: Interview with TonPunks project creators
Free TON House
CryptoPunks in Free TON. Hurry up to mint your "crypto-punk"!
Free TON House
Svoi Dev and Merge. And — Who Moves Where
Free TON Wallet as a Chrome extension
In May, the first phase of the Contest: Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension ended. There were 21 submissions for the contest, which is a record for such contests. Contest Idea, Purpose and Requirements A contest is divided into three stages, ea...
TON Wallet From SVOI.DEV — New Wallet With TON Crystal
SVOI.DEV development team offered another wallet for TON Crystal holders. Among other things, the «wallet» implements the ability to create your own TIP-3 token using the token constructor and work with different accounts. For the convenience of ...
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