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Rust Cup — Flight to New Worlds
Rust Cup ended with a world speed record and combat debugging of innovative Free TON solutions. You can judge the epochal nature of the event by the scale of the work done, the geography of the participants, and the contest duration, as well as ...
Free TON after Rust Cup: comments from Mitja Goroshevsky about the "race"
On September 1, the Rust Cup validator race, the purpose of which was to test the node written in the Rust programming language, ended. At the final stages of the race, the validators managed to break the world record, namely, to achieve more than 55,000 transactions per second on the TON Labs test network.
Free TON House
Free TON Speed Record and Development: by Mitja Goroshevsky
Free TON broke world transaction record on TON Labs test network
Free TON House
Rust Cup Has Started — First Impressions Of The Participants
Rust Cup — Free TON Validators Are Waiting For The Start!
The Free TON Magister Ludi validator contest has just ended, and the next one, the Rust Cup, is getting ready to start. Its goal is to test a node written in Rust and create incredibly profitable, exclusive conditions for depositing coins. It is ...
Magister Ludi — Results Of The First Large-scale Free TON Validator Contest
The Crystal Game contest was announced in June 2020 and lasted for more than six months. Its winners were awarded the title of Magister Ludi — «Master of the Game». Another result is a set of 375 new Free TON blockchain validators. We talked to t...
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