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Overview of the highlights of the 86th MeetUp
At the 86th community weekly MeetUp, which took place on January 11, the following topics were discussed: technical updates, presentation of EverCraft, DeBot monsters. This article provides an overview of the highlights of the MeetUp.
Free TON & Changelly partnership development
Despite the fact that the Free TON community has a bitter partnership experience, when partner companies received tokens and stopped communicating without performing their share of the work, the history of the blockchain is also filled with partnerships that positively influenced the development of the network. An example of a partner who successfully performs his work is Changelly.
Results of the Winners Works Catalog contest
Free TON - Green or Hot?
Co-founder of GramKit: Free TON - a chance not to be missed
Flash Exchange - DEX, but better
In March 2021, TON Labs presented FLEX, a new generation decentralized exchange. The solution was created as part of the Free TON DEX Implementation contest. Before we tell you what is so special about Flash Exchange, let's remember how the classic DEX like Uniswap work.
2020 vs 2021. How Free TON contests have changed.
After launching the network one year ago, the Free TON community was really small and there were more prizes than participants in very first contests. Nowadays it can be hardly replicated - generally it relates only to hard technical contests. Let’s compare the quality and the amount of works in June 2020 and June 2021
Subgovernances in different countries, their approach and promotion: Part 3
Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 2
Continuing the series of articles about countries subgovernance: Part 2
Review of projects in the Free TON ecosystem: Part 1
Let's take a look at what technologies Free TON projects are built on, and what teams prefer to use to create websites and applications. First, let's look at the main projects of the ecosystem. To create websites and applications TON Labs developers preferred to use the JavaScript programming language and stack which are based...
How to install the TON Crystal Wallet?
TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet developed by Broxus company for Free TON users. Broxus is a multi-level turnkey platform for crypto exchanges, e-commerce, trading platforms. You can send and receive TON Crystal in this wallet. Also, TON Crystal Wallet is available for staking, which we described in our article...
How to use DeNS by Augual.Team Part 2
How to use DeNS by Augual.Team Part 1.
TON Surf as a non-custodial wallet
Let's talk about Free TON
Free TON is a multiblockchain platform with a throughput of millions of transactions per second. Free TON was based on a TON (Telegram Open Network) protocol. TON was a project of a platform that had messaging services, pay operations, cryptocurrency called Gram, data storage, etc. The idea of the project belongs to the Durov brothers.
Smart contracts in Free TON
What is a smart contract? Smart contract is a digital algorithm, dedicated to form, control or give information about a file. Smart contracts use algebraic algorithms, which means that all conditions should be met in order to automatically conduct a transaction. In other words, if smart contract criteria are not met, the transaction cannot be conducted, and the results of meeting criteria of smart contracts are controlled by multiple network nodes.
Free TON Blog
Review of Free TON Weekly Meetup #36
Free TON House
Review of the "Jurors Efficiency Analysis" Contest
Free TON Blog
Free TON Weekly Meetup #32
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