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Interview with Mitja Goroshevsky: Public Giver's reform proposal
A proposal to undertake Public Giver’s reform, involving the abolition of Subgovernances and partnerships, as well as the creation of the Decentralized Governance Fund. was made on the forum by TON Labs technical director Mitja Goroshevsky.
Pi Capital Union partnership proposal
At the 71 meeting of the Free TON community, the head of Global Cloud Payments Pavee presented a proposal for a partnership between Free TON, Global Cloud Payments and Pi Capital Union.
Contest proposal: HTTP Notification Provider
Update for the contest system proposal
Proposal: Big NFT fair Stage 1: Attracting talent
Free TON and BetCrypt365 partnership proposal
On September 9, a proposal was made at the forum for a partnership between Free TON and BetCrypt365. BetCrypt365 is a company engaged in the development and sale of software for casinos, bookmakers and lotteries. The BetCrypt365 platform was launched on December 28, 2019.
Alexander Filatov's proposal to strengthen Free TON
On September 2, a proposal reflecting the thoughts of TON Labs co-founder Alexander Filatov regarding the strengthening of Free TON was made on the forum.
1-year Ongoing Free TON Testnets Support Contest Proposal
Free TON Turkey Governance Proposal
Free TON Cryptography Subgovernance proposal
Game "Mafia" as an entertainment component of Free TON
08.08.21 a proposal to hold the Mafia game in Free TON was made on the forum.
Wiki Renewal contest proposal
Free TON Wiki is a concentration of information on the Free TON project, which is being worked on by a large number of community members. On August 10, the forum presented a proposal for the Wiki Renewal contest, which is regularly held in the community. This is already the 36th iteration, the first similar contest was held almost exactly a year ago, in September 2020.
Proposal: volunteer and mentorship program renewal
The problem of media use in Africa
Exclusion of the Free TON Academy Subgovernance initial member
Contest proposal: DeSupport for websites / products
On August 6, 2021, a proposal to hold a DeSupport for websites/products contest was made on the forum.
Contest proposal: Soundtrack for Free TON
19.07.21 a proposal to hold a Free TON soundtrack contest was made on the forum. The proposal caused a stormy discussion among users, so we will consider details.
Proposal to create a closed Free TON analytics society
Free TON Academy Developers’ Pride contest proposal
Proposal for implementation of potential partner rating system
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