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Free TON rebranding: choose the best name
The rebranding of Free TON is one of the most popular topics for discussion within the community, which has already begun voting for the best blockchain name. This article presents rebranding options from Alexander Filatov.
Free TON Ecosystem Infographic Contest
To attract new users, partners and media to the Free TON project, Analytics & Support Subgovernance holds a contest, the main idea of which is to show what Free TON consists of.
Free TON broke world transaction record on TON Labs test network
Proposal: volunteer and mentorship program renewal
Launch of NiFi Club Platform
The World Blockchain Conference 2021 in Hangzhou
The 2021 World Blockchain Conference in Hangzhou was held from July 24 to 25. It gathered representatives of various blockchains and the cryptocurrency world as a whole. The Chinese Subgovernance of Free TON took part in the conference, presenting our blockchain.
Proposal for implementation of potential partner rating system
After a recent case of scam by fund, which stole about 128.000 TON Crystal from the Free TON community, the question of solving the problem of scam arose in order to avoid such situations in the future. 24.07.21 a proposal to implement a rating system for potential partners was created on the forum. According to the proposal, the system consists dividing partner proposals into several categories.
Free TON & Grindez Partnership Proposal
Х3 Submissions for FREE
Stopping the emission of tokens
Sport Subgovernance proposal
Recently, on June 20 an extremely curious proposal appeared on the Free TON forum. The idea proposed was creating a subgovernance dedicated to sports, or Sport Sub-governance. The first goal of this subgovernance is to popularize Free TON among people actively involved in sports...
Speech of Mitja Goroshevsky at the Blockchain Z-days conference. Part 1: Free TON White paper
Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of the TON Labs company, was a speaker at the online conference Blockchain Z-days. He told the audience about a roadmap of Free TON — White paper.
Distributed Validator-Oracle Contest
Disadvantages of the Free TON Decentralized PR: Stage 2 Contest
Implementation Phase of Decentralized Voting Audit Solution for Latin America
Contest: Free TON project news and educational websites
On April 27 2021, the Free TON project news and educational websites contest was launched. The purpose of the contest is to create an information environment with a pleasant interface and understandable and structured presentation of the Free TON project and relevant events related to it. Such an environment will make the blockchain ecosystem clear and easy not only for advanced users, but also for those who have encountered Free TON for the first time.
Governance System Interface proposal
The community manager Roman_D presented a proposal of changing the Free TON Governance interface. Roman noted a problem that, in his opinion, needs to be solved: the current Free TON Governance interface implies that in order to make proposals...
Removal Of SMV From Free TON Proposal
The proposal to establish Crowdinvesting Subgovernance
How was the AIBC Summit in Dubai held?
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