Slashing of Judges in Free TON. Justice for all!
The Free TON blockchain develops precisely through contests and partnerships. Anyone in the ecosystem can propose their own contest, which should eventually contribute to the development of the network —  not only by the efforts of programmers, ...
SMV DeBot Browser Contest Results
Several contests were held for the transition of Free TON to the Governance 2.0 management system. In the development of the community, the direction of Web-free has been taken, in which the DeBot technology is a key factor. On The Way To Governa...
Governance 2.0: voting, right on the stake!
Free TON House
Free TON — Operation Successor: Governance 2.0 Implementation Roadmap Adopted
Free TON House
Free TON Meritocracy: How Tokens Are Distributed
Free TON Governance 2.0: An Overview Of The Second Part Of The Contest. From Abstractions To Specifics
The work of the RSquad team, which submitted a solution for the second part of the Free TON Governance Contest, was the only one on the list of participants, but this alone did not guarantee victory. As a reminder, the team was already the winner...
Governance 2.0
Governance 2.0 is the next generation Free TON governance system. In fact, it is two smart contract systems combined into a single interface:  SMV (Soft Majority Voting) — for making and approving proposals;BFTG (Byzantine Fault Tolerant Governan...
Free TON House
Roman Nguyen and Roman Romanov: "Free TON Is A Technologically Perfect Product"
Free TON House
Weekly DeFi Governance Call #11 dated 3.12.2020
Free TON House
Ron Millow on the Free TON Jury Effectiveness
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