The rapid growth of the Free TON ecosystem: results of the infographic contest in detail
The Free TON ecosystem grows every day. Thanks to the many contests held, the community has new applications and useful tools. Interesting teams appear with fresh ideas that allow them to contribute to the development of the blockchain. Based on this, Analytics & Support Subgovernance held a contest, the main goal of which was to clearly present the Free TON structure. So, the main task is to implement a unique and understandable ecosystem design. Let's see how the contestants handled this.
2020 vs 2021. How Free TON contests have changed.
After launching the network one year ago, the Free TON community was really small and there were more prizes than participants in very first contests. Nowadays it can be hardly replicated - generally it relates only to hard technical contests. Let’s compare the quality and the amount of works in June 2020 and June 2021
Are the Free TON design contests bad?
Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 2
Results of the Free TON Identity contest
Why design is important for Free TON
Free TON is an online platform, interaction with which allows users to make an opinion about the product only on the basis of research, however, users cannot physically feel the product...
Knowledge comes during use of Free TON. Part 1.
When a child turns on the lights with a switch for the first time, do they realize how it works? Most likely nope. You have already used the switcher, because you've seen other people doing that and seen the result of this action, and started doing that. Later you've learned about the process, about what it takes to turn on lights in your room.юю
Winners Works Catalog - new Contest from WD subgovernance
How to build a Free TON brand: Part 2
How to build a Free TON brand: Part 1
What is it like to be a judge of Free TON contests?
We learned from a member of our team about what it's like to be a Free TON judge, because of contests are an integral part of the Free TON ecosystem.
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