Free TON Community Soundtrack. Contest review on the eve of the results
The contest for the best soundtrack for the Free TON community is currently out for voting. Another creative battle predictably caused a stir in the community. There are 67 contest works presented to the jury members. While the judges are choosi...
DevEx Governance Meeting # 45 dated 02.09.2021
The preparation of the HTTP notifications contest is almost complete. The initiators clarified the Use Cases, the architecture of the service and its anonymity. A new direction is on the way – Free TON Whitepaper contests. Notification Service C...
Free TON House
DevEx Governance Meeting # 44 dated 26.08.2021
Contest proposal: HTTP Notification Provider
The rapid growth of the Free TON ecosystem: results of the infographic contest in detail
Update for the contest system proposal
On September 13, a proposal was made at the forum to update the competition system due to possible theft of the work of one of the participants.
Proposal: Big NFT fair Stage 1: Attracting talent
On September 7, a proposal was made at the forum to hold a competition for the creation of the original collection of NFT tokens.
Free TON House
DevEx Governance Meeting # 43 dated 19.08.2021
TrueNFT Smart Contract Informal Audit Contest
1-year Ongoing Free TON Testnets Support Contest Proposal
Free TON Ecosystem Infographic Contest
To attract new users, partners and media to the Free TON project, Analytics & Support Subgovernance holds a contest, the main idea of which is to show what Free TON consists of.
Contest: DeAnalytics Q3/21 Token Distribution Program
On July 1, the "DeAnalytics Q3/21 Token Distribution Program" contest from Analytics & Support Subgovernance started. The purpose of the competition is to ensure that partner offers can be verified to avoid fraud.
Zero-Knowledge Voting Protocol Implementation Contest
ITG-2. Stand-alone SMV interface contest
Free TON House
DevEx Governance Meetup #42 dated 12.08.2021
DevEx Governance Meetup №41 dated 05.08.2021
The contest is over, use cases are presented, what happens to them next? TON Labs gives others a chance — the team skips the network contest. How many protocols does the Rust Node have — check the Whitepaper. Groth16 zkSNARK Proof...
Results of the Winners Works Catalog contest
From May 30 to June 30, 2021, the Winners Works Catalog contest from Web & Design Subgovernance was held in the Free TON community. The task of the contestants was to develop a web service for publishing the works of the winners of Free TON contests. In this article we will consider the results of the contest.
Wiki Renewal contest proposal
Free TON House
DevEx Governance Meetup #40 dated July 29, 2021
Contest proposal: DeSupport for websites / products
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