Personal data on the forum: safe or not?

Personal data on the forum: safe or not?

On April 28, a proposal appeared on the Free TON forum: firstly, to delete the personal information of forum participants, and secondly, to establish a certain moral standard that will not allow you to post personal information on the forum in the future. The moderators received a request to delete the data, and as part of the proposal, an idea was put forward to anonymize the judges.

It is not so much the situation itself that is interesting (such a proposal suggested itself), but the reaction of the forum participants. There are several points of view on the problem, and each one deserves attention in one way or another. Let's consider the most popular ones:


The offer doesn't make sense

The judges of competitions, participants and leaders of the departments are public persons, so their personal data cannot but be on the forum.

The situation was complicated by the recently held AIBC Dubai Show, a large-scale offline event, where it was necessary to send the most worthy representatives of the project, which is almost impossible to objectively assess with anonymization.


There is a rational seed in the proposal, but there are also some disadvantages

Suggestion from this part of the audience: it will be possible to delete personal information, but only by an individual request, so that moderators do not spend additional hours clearing personal information.

Judges must prove their competence, and if they are anonymized, it is worth devising ways to test their ability, such as tests or activity tracking.


It is a great offer

This opinion is shared by the largest group and, as a result, won the discussion.

Aa an example to prove their point they gave the founder of Bitcoin, an anonymous person, but successful in his area. In addition, ecosystem participants are encouraged to evaluate solely by their activities within the framework of the project. Sounds like a blind interview, where personal information does not matter, but only the contribution of an anonymous participant to a common cause. And since at the moment there are already ways to track the activity of each participant, it means that personal information does not matter and can be deleted.


The outcome of the proposal was determined on June 7 - personal data was deleted, the community manager approved the initiative.

Have a nice day and secure data.

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