How does the Free TON and Lumi Wallet partnership progress?

How does the Free TON and Lumi Wallet partnership progress?

On February 14, 2021, a proposal for a partnership between Free TON and Lumi Wallet was accepted. In this article we will look at the development of partnership.


The partnership proposal was made in December 2020. Lumi Wallet is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency car designed to meet the needs of both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency owners.

The proposal itself was to integrate Lumi Wallet into the Free TON blockchain. Integration consists of several steps:

  • Introduction of the Lumi user base in Free TON;
  • The transition of TON Crystal from fiat currency to cryptocurrency and vice versa, as well as the development of an exchange mechanism for a wide range of digital assets;
  • Integration of Free TON dApp store;
  • Storage for Free TON NFT.

The amount of requested tokens as prepayment for stages is 100,000.

What is the result?

Already on June 17, TON Crystal became available on Lumi Wallet on Android. Also, instructions for the operation of the wallet were provided for users. On August 4, the possibility of stealing the native cryptocurrency Free TON appeared in the wallet. On August 28, Lumi Wallet representatives sent a report on the implementation of the first two stages and requested tokens.

We hope that all Free TON partnerships will be just as successful.

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