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Free TON Wallet as a Chrome extension

Free TON Wallet as a Chrome extension

In May, the first phase of the Contest: Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension ended. There were 21 submissions for the contest, which is a record for such contests.

Contest Idea, Purpose and Requirements

A contest is divided into three stages, each of which will last 2 months:

  1. Basic browser wallet.
  2. Multisig wallet, tokens support, multiaccounts and multitransactions.
  3. DePools support, Web3-like connection, smart-contracts interaction.

The main requirements for submissions were:

  • Support of Google Chrome (and preferably other browsers like Firefox, Brave, Edge, Safari, Opera)
  • Support of mainnet and testnet
  • Support for already working wallets that generate 12 or 24-word seed-phrases
  • Absence of analytical trackers
  • Generation of random source phrases, the ability to back up and restore them
  • Password protection
  • Open-sourced. It is expected that after publishing its version of the wallet as a contest submission, its developer transfers access to it to all users
  • The technical documentation is published in the submission as a PDF file, and the codes are published in any open repository
Rewards For The Winners

As a reward, the winners are offered the following amounts:

1st place — 80 000 TON
2nd place — 70 000 TON
3rd place — 60 000 TON
4-10 place — 10 000 TON

The first part of the 10,000 TON prize will be transferred immediately, the remaining amount will be given out within 6 months in equal shares. To receive the full reward, developers must maintain the performance and functionality of their wallets and fix bugs on time.

This reward distribution system is designed to motivate participants to support the development and take part in the next two contest stages, and eventually create a fully working product.

1st place — Crystal Wallet from Broxus

The jury highly appreciated the work of the Broxus team. Crystal Wallet received 9.25 points.

The judges noted the excellent design of the wallet, good functionality, and compliance with all the criteria of the contest. Also, many jury members mentioned high-quality technical documentation and source code that can be further worked with.

Participants posted their work on the forum and spoke in detail how to interact with the extension. 

Its architecture looks like this:

Crystal Wallet supports the following types of wallets:

  • Wallet V3 (outdated version) — its users can open their account in the new version of the wallet.
  • SafeMultisig 
  • SafeMultisig24 
  • SetCodeMultisig 
  • Surf

The wallet is designed for interaction of various DApps with Free TON directly from the browser.

Those who are already familiar with the application or the browser version of Crystal Wallet, are comfortable with the new version of the wallet — the browser extension. And all interaction between the user and the wallet is built on an intuitive level.

The open-source wallet code is posted on GitHub.

2nd place — TonWallet from

TonWallet from the team received 7.85 points.

The jury members noted the fulfillment of all the stringent criteria in the implemented wallet browser extension, working features, but also their expectation of an improved interface and a more user-friendly version. For example, the login with the help of the seed phrase seemed difficult to some judges.

The browser extension can be downloaded through the repository or the Chrome Store, versions for other browsers are also developed and available to users. Detailed instructions for configuring the wallet extension are available in PDF.

The scheme of working with DAPPS assumes the ability to connect two types of modules:

The team in the contest work tells about further directions in the development of the TONWallet:  the introduction of DeBots, integration of the wallet with the TONSwap exchange, and the creation of a mobile version of the wallet.

All artifacts are posted on GitHub.

3rd Place — ShardEx from the RSquad Team

The solution of the RSquad team was rated by the judges at 6.66 points.

In the comments, the jury members noted that the wallet looks promising, but there is no support for TIP-3 tokens and it has a weak user interface.

The work is posted on GitHub.

ShardEx wallet supports all versions of TON Crystal wallets except Wallet v. 3.

Other award winning solutions

4th place with a score of 6.57 points — Oberton.
5th place with a score of 6.22 points — My TON Wallet.
6th place with a score of 5.60 points — submission #13.
The 7th place with a score of 5.33 points is the extraTON wallet. At the time of writing, the application is already used by 876 users.

8th place with a score of 4.88 points — MegaTON Wallet
9th place with a score of  4.77 points — Liberton 
10th place with a score of  4.00 points — Tonex

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