Free TON Ecosystem Infographic Contest

Free TON Ecosystem Infographic Contest

To attract new users, partners and media to the Free TON project, Analytics & Support Subgovernance holds a contest, the main idea of which is to show what Free TON consists of.

Motivation and goal of the contest

The Free TON ecosystem is rapidly growing and developing. New applications and tools regularly appear in the blockchain. The main task of the contest is to implement a design that will clearly tell the maximum number of people about Free TON. Due to the rapid growth of the ecosystem, the contest may be held again in the future.

The main requirements

  • Uniqueness of each design component
  • Only open source fonts can be used for typography
  • Participants need to present works in one of the graphic formats.

The most important components of the Free TON project should be reflected in the work:

  • logo
  • wallets
  • games
  • exchanges
  • useful tools
  • media
  • partners
  • DeFi tools

In one of the comments on the forum, a version of the work from the Fiat is a Bubble channel was presented:


Deadline of the contest:

You can apply until August 31, 2021.

The prize pool of the contest is 10,000 TON Crystal, the winner will receive 4,500 TON Crystal ~ 1755 dollars.

Details about the requirements of the contest and refereeing can be read here. Hurry to take part in the contest, as well as subscribe to our channel to be aware of the news and current contests.

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