Is Everscale a new name to replace Free TON?
At the 78th weekly community weekly MeetUp, Alexander Filatov announced that 25 initial members voted for Everscale as the new name of the blockchain. However, the survey among other users did not give an unambiguous result: the opinions of community members vary not only about the name, but also about the rebranding as a whole. Let's deal with it.
How to participate in the Killer Whale Pod Cast AirDrop?
Killer Whale Pod Cast is the first fully decentralized launchpad for new projects inside the Free TON blockchain. Liquidity pools for projects will be launched on the decentralized FLEX exchange.
New composition of the Free TON community initial members
Free TON rebranding: choose the best name
Free TON House
New Free TON Main Governance Initials. Beginners, Go For It!
Reality Show “Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. The Beginning
Free TON House launches the project “Making money on crypto. Test Drive”. On October 1, we invested $200 in different cryptocurrencies to make money by farming on various blockchains. We will track and report in real-time how our income is chang...
Crypto Market News For The Week. From September 13 to 19
Solana outage, Bitcoin downturn, NEAR volatility, Filecoin struggle, and the upcoming FTX traders competition. It’s been a hot week. September Has Stirred Many Crypto Investors The main shock was the Solana blockchain outage. To recap on Septemb...
Free TON House
TON Swap Farming: Updates
Free TON House
Rust Cup — Flight to New Worlds
Free TON House
Free TON CryptoPunks are minted. Attention, “punks” in the city!
Free TON contests: Freecyclopedia — results of the first stage
The first stage of the Freecyclopedia contest aiming to create specifications for a decentralized Wikipedia governance model is over. A total of 11 submissions were submitted and 128 votes were given (average score — 5.56). Free TON HOUSE tells ...
Pi Capital Union partnership proposal
At the 71 meeting of the Free TON community, the head of Global Cloud Payments Pavee presented a proposal for a partnership between Free TON, Global Cloud Payments and Pi Capital Union.
Contest proposal: HTTP Notification Provider
Update for the contest system proposal
Proposal: Big NFT fair Stage 1: Attracting talent
Free TON and BetCrypt365 partnership proposal
On September 9, a proposal was made at the forum for a partnership between Free TON and BetCrypt365. BetCrypt365 is a company engaged in the development and sale of software for casinos, bookmakers and lotteries. The BetCrypt365 platform was launched on December 28, 2019.
Galaxy Online: NFT space stations, Ethereum race and other updates
Space beckons and you can’t wait to leave a footprint on the next conquered planet? You definitely need to play Galaxy Online under the banners of the blockchain community you belong to. Galaxy Online — Towards the Future! Galaxy Online combines...
AIBC Summit Malta 2021: a new opportunity for Free TON to declare itself
TrueNFT Smart Contract Informal Audit Contest
TonPunks is NOT the first NFT collection in Free TON
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