AIBC Summit Malta 2021: a new opportunity for Free TON to declare itself

AIBC Summit Malta 2021: a new opportunity for Free TON to declare itself

On May 25-26, the AIBC summit was held in Dubai, bringing together representatives of blockchains from around the world. The theme of the event was the popularization of cryptocurrencies. Free TON at the forum in Dubai was successfully represented by the founders of TON Labs, winning the nomination "Blockchain - Innovation of the Year." You can read more about this event in one of our articles.

SIGMA, the leader in the organization of technological international summits, is preparing to hold a three-day event AIBC Summit Malta in November this year. Speakers plan to discuss the situation in the cryptocurrency market, cybersecurity, as well as the development of financial technologies.


Malta was not accidentally chosen as the venue for the conference. The government of Malta is gradually forming understandable and friendly legislation in the field of regulation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain startups. The goal of the country's leadership is to develop the industry, help in the implementation of new projects and show innovative potential in relation to existing technologies.

The AIBC Summit Malta will bring together representatives of Europe, Asia, the USA and the CIS countries. The Free TON team assigns itself large-scale tasks in the framework of the upcoming event:

  • increase the Free TON community by attracting users through the iGaming and blockchain industries
  • make a positive impression in the fintech environment through the representation of blockchain achievements
  • engage developers and investors on the blockchain platform

An interesting contest proposal from Academy Subgovernance was made on the forum to attract participants who want to represent Free TON at the Malta Exhibition and contribute to the promotion of blockchain in the global crypto community.

If you want to win the ticket, you will need to fulfill a number of requirements in order to convince the jury that it is you who deserve to represent the community at this forum:

  • Submit your portfolio of personal awards, certificates and diplomas of achievement
  • Present your own projects in Free TON
  • Show a unique script explaining the use of Free TON at the conference
  • Tell the jury what you can stand out for, and how it will benefit the community
  • Comply with recommendations on COVID-19 to enter Malta in case of victory

We believe that this is a unique case to make a significant contribution to the project promotion and the opportunity to create history.

You can read more about the proposal, ask a question or participate in the discussion here. We will monitor developments, as well as provide you with interesting news on this topic on our channel.

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