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Overview of the highlights of the 86th MeetUp
At the 86th community weekly MeetUp, which took place on January 11, the following topics were discussed: technical updates, presentation of EverCraft, DeBot monsters. This article provides an overview of the highlights of the MeetUp.
Blockchain application for secure and efficient voting will be introduced in Everscale
A year ago, Everscale community (formerly Free TON) criticised the scientific publication issued by a group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which argued that blockchain technology can’t be considered as a robust solution for well-known issues in electoral systems. To challenge this publication Everscale community launched a contest that aimed to create theoretical proofs of blockchain voting systems feasibility. The contest resulted in around 50 submissions, among which several winners were chosen.
Boosted Staking program in Everscale. Staking with up to 20% APY
Text format of the AMA-session with Sergey Shashev
Interview with Mitja Goroshevsky: Public Giver's reform proposal
“Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. Episode 7. The Cat Is the New Hero Of the Show
Almost eight weeks have passed since the start of the “Making money on crypto. Test-drive” reality show. We took a break from the review and in three weeks a lot of events happened: we said goodbye to Zoo Game and found a new risky asset — NFT f...
Interview with the game TonLoot developer
TonLoot is an open metaverse that exists only on the Everscale network. The only way to access TonLoot world is via Smart Contracts or Debot apps on Everscale. The team of our channel conducted an interview with one of the developers of the game — Zackery. This article provides answers to questions from the interview.
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Board Games: Is Blockchain Revolutionizing Board Games?
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Free TON Japan: The Moonstake Twitter Campaign
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Buy TIP-3 Exchange Bot. How Does It Work And Why It Is Needed
List of top media publications from Broxus
This article presents a list of publications prepared by the Broxus team over the past month in the top media.
Answers to questions from the Killer Whale Pod Cast AMA session
On November 4, an AMA session was held in the Everscale community with the organizers of the Killer Whale Pod Cast project. During the broadcast, Mitja Goroshevsky and Anastasia Yugova answered the most interesting questions about the activities of KWPC. This article presents answers from the AMA session.
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Rust Cup Game — The Most Anticipated Free TON Community Blockchain Game
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Top 5 blockchain games about cosmos
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“Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. Episode 6. How Did the New Platform Prove Itself
The most expensive NFTs of October 2021. Top 10
The NFT token market is trending up. Today we will present the most expensive NFT token transactions in October 2021. Data obtained from Non 1st place  NFT #109 Ringers, created on the Art Blocks platform, became the most expensive ...
ThirdPlace NFT is the first Free TON NFT platform of real-world artwork
ThirdPlace NFT is an NFT marketplace on the high-speed Free TON blockchain. The key feature of the platform is that it works with real-world art objects rather that the digital world. How will NFT technology help Third Place NFT users become own...
Is Everscale a new name to replace Free TON?
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Validation Features. How It Works In Different Blockchains
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What is the most useless Free TON subgovernance, Formula 1 car from NFT parts, and when will HackAtom VI take place?
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