Free TON Whitepaper
Bitcoin has eliminated trust when conducting peer-to-peer financial transactions by inventing the economic incentives and technology to run a decentralized computer network. Ethereum has invented Turing complete-programming for it, which helped create more complicated financial instruments, such as tokenized assets, collateralized loans, liquidity pools or synthetic assets. In this paper we describe the architecture, components, governance mechanism and financial model of Free TON — a trustless worldwide operating system. The Operating System of Freedom.
Rollups or How to Improve Ethereum
Ethereum problems have to do with the network’s bounded ability to compute many transactions within a shorter period. To solve these problems, rollups have become a new thing in the Ethereum space. Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized block...
Free TON House
TON.LIVE blockchain observer: how and for what to use it?
Free TON after Rust Cup: comments from Mitja Goroshevsky about the "race"
The concept of "multithreading" in the Free TON Whitepaper
Whitepaper is a document compiled by TON Labs Technical Director Mitya Goroshevsky. The document presents a project for the further development of Free TON. In this article, we look at one of Whitepaper's items - multithreading.
TON Storage and its future implementation
TON Storage is one of the components of TON. TON Storage is a file store that is similar to torrents. One part of the user's information is in the blockchain, the second is outside of it.
Validators in Free TON
Free TON as a fifth-generation blockchain
Meaning of the term "DePool" in the Free TON ecosystem
Free TON Academy Developers’ Websites Contest
The threshold for developers to enter the ecosystem is high, even for advanced ones. The community is interested in developers, however, due to the indicated problem, an obstacle arises for the development of the network. The idea of the proposal is to create a project of the site, which would serve as a source of information for the developers of the ecosystem.
SMV as a voting system in Free TON
SMV (Soft Majority Voting) is a voting system in Free TON, in which decisions are made by majority vote. In other words, voting is focused on users interested in the development of the project.
Contest: DeEducation №1
Contest Result Interface Submissions
Х3 Submissions for FREE
African Subgovernance KPI 2
On July 13, on the forum, in the thread with the subgovernance proposal, a request for tokens appeared, a second KPI report was submitted, which briefly described the achievements of the African subgovernance over the past six months.
Contest Proposal: DeSupport 2021 Part I
The forum put forward a proposal for the DeSupport 2021 contest, the goal of which is to find the most active community members and reward them.
Meaning of the term "gas" in the context of Free TON
Free TON House
Free TON House
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