Alexander Filatov's proposal to strengthen Free TON

Alexander Filatov's proposal to strengthen Free TON

On September 2, a proposal reflecting the thoughts of TON Labs co-founder Alexander Filatov regarding the strengthening of Free TON was made on the forum.


At the moment, the community has managed to reach certain peaks: in addition to a large number of contests and created Subgovernances, we have broken the world record for throughput on the Rust network. And the recently published document Whitepaper allows us to believe in the successful further development of the network.

The essence of the proposal

Many initial members of the community have made a great contribution to blockchain, however, there are members whose help is not valued so highly. Moreover, some members of the community have sold a large number of tokens, which is not very trustworthy. In order for the members of the community to be motivated in the development of Free TON, Alexander Filatov proposes to reward active participants (approximately 1 million tokens for each), but block the reward for a year.

Community opinion

The proposal caused a heated reaction among the community: Broxus, like community manager Roman, supported the proposal, many users say that tokens need to be blocked for a longer period of time. Of course, there are not so positive comments: not all members of the community believe in the effectiveness of the proposal.

Your opinion

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